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Our Products

Election Hub

Our software is offered as two families of products:

System-Elect (S-Elect) is a web-based application run behind the firewall at a large Board of Election that can take advantage of its rich workflow tools.

The Election Hub, a suite of cloud-based apps that extends the reach of election information to anyone with a modern browser and provides administrative functions in discrete packages to election jurisdictions of any size.

large jurisdiction


System-Elect (S-Elect) is a comprehensive, locally-installed suite of browser-based election administrative functions that encompasses virtually all aspects of planning and executing an election.

System Elect

Features (press for details)

  • Election Calendar
    • Create Election Law Milestone (cut-offs, due dates, periods and events) defining the rules by which they occur
    • Generate Election Calendars for a given year based on specified Milestone rules
  • Political Subdivisions
    • Establish District Sets – multiple versions by date
    • Perform GIS Import
    • Define Language Support by district
    • Re-sync Facilities and/or Poll workers to district changes
  • Facilities Management
    • Specify and Review Requirements for machines, equipment and personnel
    • Assign Precincts by Event
    • Document Lease information and payment
    • Specify Detailed floorplan layout
    • Manage and report on ADA barriers and compliance
  • Election Set Up
    • Define elective offices and party positions
    • Specify the maximum number of candidates for which a voter can cast votes for a given office
    • Define parties and independent bodies
  • Candidate Processing
    • Create Application for Petition (designating, independent bodies or opportunity to ballot)
    • Log Completed Petitions with coversheet
    • Create New Candidacies
    • Record Objections to Candidacy with reason and list of objectors
    • Record Court Challenges to Candidacy with ruling and ballot status
    • Manage Petition Custody (complete subsystem)
  • Ballots
    • Review contests
    • Approve contest lists
    • Create multiple versions of Ballots (what ifs)
    • Export Ballots for Voting Machines and Ballot Printers
  • Election Results
    • Import Results from machines, paper and other sources
    • Canvass/Re-canvass election results by contest and district
    • Enter Write-ins
    • Manage Affidavit Ballots
    • Declare Winners
    • Certify Election and Lock Results
  • Office Holder
    • View and update list of current office holders
  • Poll Worker
    • Maintain complete poll worker list
    • Define site coverage for Election Day assignments
    • Define training schedule
    • Batch or individually assign poll workers to classes
    • Batch or individually assign poll workers to work on Election Day
    • Calculate poll worker pay
    • Interface with payroll system
  • Financial Disclosure
    • Create Filing for Political Committees or Candidates
    • View milestone or event based Delinquency List
    • Log court judgements
  • Document Management
    • Scan documents
    • Categorize based on document type
  • Inventory Management
    • Add assets to inventory
    • Track Receipt of Goods
    • Generate Transmittal Requests
    • Set Reorder Levels
    • Make Inventory Adjustments
    • Designate assets to facilities or zones
  • Call Center
    • Record Call Incident Tickets
    • Manage Resource Workloads
    • Establish Support Teams
  • Election Night Reporting
    • Start results import feed
    • Show detailed results permitting user to drill down to detailed levels
    • Show the public at central location a kiosk view of results
    • Track vote tally sticks read versus inventory

The Election Hub

The Election Hub is a group of cloud-based websites that are connected by the administrative website ElectionHub.com.

The Election Hub features "spoke" websites that disseminate and collect relevant election information from poll workers, voters, applicants and election administration staff who utilize their favorite choice of mobile or desktop devices. Spoke websites include:

Election Hub

Hub Spokes (press for details)

  • ElectionDayWorker.com
    • Apply to become poll worker
    • Receive notifications of class assignments, class cancellations, work assignments
    • Review upcoming class schedules
    • Register or cancel a class online
    • Change demographic information keeping the Boards records current
    • Go to Site
  • PollSiteLocator.com
    • Find out where you should vote by entering an address
    • Find out what upcoming elections apply to you
    • Review a candidate list for a selected election
    • View a pdf of the ballot
    • Read site in language of your choice
    • Use address widget to plug into any website to seamlessly access PollsiteLocator.com
    • Go to Site
  • ElectionPlan.com
    • Create various types of Election calendars (voters, candidates, administrative, etc.)
    • Use widget to site on web page displaying major deadlines and milestones
    • Display daily dashboard of election operation tasks
    • Set goals at designated dates where progress can be measured and graphically depicted on the daily dashboard
    • Read and submit comments on the progress of ongoing election administration activity
    • Go to Site
  • ElectionResponder.com
    • Work in dispatched or roving modes on tablet, phone or desktop
    • Get an at-a-glance view of poll site issues and resources
    • View poll site blueprints
    • Create, resolve or surrender Election Day issue tickets
    • Generate tickets with just a few taps
    • Go to Site
  • ElectionInsite.com
    • Tablet-based check in of poll workers at poll site
    • Monitor average voter time
    • Upload results
    • Send message blasts to poll sites based on political district hierarchy
    • Go to Site
  • ElectionBin.com
    • Track Election Day asset deliveries across election jurisdiction in a single website
    • Generate delivery confirmations using handheld device equipped with Election Bin Tracker software
    • Go to Site
  • ElectionAPI.com
    • Continuously receive the latest approved election information with advanced json web service interface
    • Provides access to any good-government group, college or third-party developer with detailed, helpful wiki to get you going
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  • ElectionRecord.com
    • Provides a secure upload facility for the XML files from Voting Machine vendors generated on Election Night and after
    • Parses files and populates database tables for results processing
    • Consolidates the results from multiple ballot types
    • Enables Discrepancy Resolution of any differential between results processed on Election Night and those during the initial canvassing activity
    • Record write-in votes.
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  • ResultsCaster.com
    • Public website that displays election results
    • Provides detailed progress of reported/unreported districts by displaying a heatmap
    • Runs in attended or "kiosk" modes
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  • ElectionFile.com
    • Intelligently match petition lines against hundreds of thousands of voter registration records
    • Search records with a minimum of keystrokes
    • Find out if a petition line is a duplicate within the same petition or if signer also signed a petition for a rival candidate
    • Identify signers who are outside appropriate district for candidate or referendum

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